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The Best New PR Book to Read in 2021

By Akan Harrison

BookAuthority has listed the book, PR Lessons Learned Along the Way: Strategies, Tips & Advice for the Higher Ed and Nonprofit Public Relations Professional by Marc C. Whitt among its “Best PR Books of All Time”.  The critically-acclaimed book is also in its list of the “Best New PR Books to Read in 2021”, according to a release by Cherrymoon Media, an independent publisher of the book based in Lexington, USA.

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Interestingly, PR Lessons Learned Along the Way has also been included in the ‘Recommended Read’ list of the Public Relations and Communication Association (PRCA), the world’s largest organization for Public Relations and Communication professionals. It was Amazon’s number one new release for PR books in June 2020, and most recently, Stavros Papagianneas, bestselling PR author and managing director of StP Communications, a Brussels-based communication consultancy, named it among the six “Must Read PR Books in 2021.”

About the book

According to the author, Marc Whitt ‘the book was written for the young, mid-career or senior professionals, or perhaps a college PR student who is learning the principles of the Public Relations profession’.

PR Lessons Learned Along the Way is filled with strategies, tips and advice addressing pertinent topics  such as programme leadership and management, crisis communications, social media, earned media, storytelling, philanthropy and donor communications, town and gown relations, branding and much more. In the words of the author,  “I have interspersed throughout the book many of the career lessons that I’ve personally learned and experienced during my career in higher education and nonprofit public relations”. “I am taking these experiences and insights and passing them along to the PR professionals for their thoughtful consideration and possible application.”

The book is written in a conversational tone. According to Whitt, “That was intentional. I want the reader to feel as if we are sitting down together over a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea and talking shop, learning from one another. I hope this book speaks to the PR professional in a personal way as it challenges, encourages, inspires, and hopefully leads him/her to consider ways to become an even more effective public relations professional.”

The Author

Marc Whitt, a Public Relations veteran, is currently the Director of Media and Strategic Relations at the University of Kentucky’s Office of Public Relations and Strategic Communications. He  is also a part-time instructor in UK’s Department of Integrated Strategic Communications. Recently named among the ‘Top 100 Public Relations Influencers on Twitter’ and ranked 21st by Onalytica, a British marketing research firm, Whitt’s specialty areas include the following:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Communication
  • Community Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Fundraising

A Word from the Publisher

Cherrymoon media is glad it published the book.“I was thrilled to be involved with Marc’s book, and it’s no surprise to me to see the success it’s had so far,” said Adam Turner, founder of  the company. “It is a wonderful read and everything I’d long hoped he’d write. Books like this are exactly why I started Cherrymoon Media, and why I continue to find such pleasure in the work.”

PR Lessons Learned Along the Way is available in Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble Books and in leading independent bookshops.