I’ve been studying PR for close to 20 years now. I know that keeping tabs with developments in the field can be a serious challenge if you lack the right resources. Constant innovation in information and communication technology is changing the way we work at a maddening speed. But I’ve found 10 excellent blogs that provide current information and track important developments in the field on the go. Public Relations students and professionals alike, who want to stay on top of their games, must read these blogs all the time.

  1. Holmes Report

Published by the Holmes Group, these blogs says it’s charting the future of Public Relations. And in my estimation, they are living up to that promise. If you need worldwide news about the Public Relations industry, current PR cases and views from big agencies, this is the blog to read.

  1. Public Relations Daily

This blog provides daily news, advice and opinions on Public Relations, Social media, marketing and the mass media. It’s also an excellent place to go if you want to stay on top of trends in the industry.

  1. Solo PR PRO

This is an excellent site for freelance PR consultants and students who desire to follow that path in the future. It offers tips and ideas to help independent PR consultants become successful.

  1. Media Relations Blog

Written by Top Rank Online marketing, this blog covers topics on online     PR, Social media, SEO and its applications in PR, Traditional PR and Marketing. It’s a blog for all PR students and professionals who desire to learn more about the use of web 2.0 technologies in Public Relations.

  1. Deidre Breakenridge’s Blog

This blog covers topics in Internet and Social Media, its tools and how it’s changing the way communication professionals reach their target audience. It covers everything about PR 2.0 strategies including interviews and case studies to help you make sense of them.

  1. Dave Fleets Blog

Dave fleet is a leader in Digital PR at Edelman’s Toronto office, Canada. His blog covers topics in PR, marketing and social media and where they intersect. It’s an excellent read for the progressive in the PR profession.

  1. Spin Sucks

As the name clearly shows, this blog is out on a fight against destructive spin which has tarnished the name of the PR profession. It tackles issues concerning professional development and covers topics on social media and PR.

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